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Thursday, December 17, 2009

District heating system in Catus, France

The village of Catus where I live (pop. about 1000) decided to go ahead with the installation of a district heating system about a year ago. Basically a regional/district heating system consists of a central boiler house and a network of insulated pipes to circulate hot water to buildings in the district. Within a building a heat exchanger transfers the heat to the internal domestic supply - either the water supply for radiators only or for both radiators and domestic hot water.

A network of insulated pipes is being laid in the village(see picture) and the building of the centralised district boiler house(pictured) is also well underway. The system is projected to be operational from October 2010 and will supply all public buildings - the school, medical centre, town hall, and so on - and many householders.

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